Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New TV show reviewed

There's a brand new TV show, have you seen it?  It's the Four Stooges!!!  Yay!  Starring Larry G. EM, Moe Ford, Curly Chrysler, and Shemp Uaw.  Funny guys.  In Tuesday's episode, they go to a farmer disguised as poor little starving wolves.  

"Oh Mr. Farmer, we are so hungry and we know you have lots of little chickens.  If we don't get some chickens we will die and our little cute wolfie kids will die too."

"But you guys just gobble up all the chickens yourselves and don't know how to save some chickens for tomorrow.  You mismanage your chickens."

"Oh, we promise we won't do that any more. Hey Mo, quit poking me in the eye."

"I didn't poke you, nuck, nuck."

"Now settle down boys. I'll tell you what.  Give me some idea how many chickens you will need."

"Hmmm, how does 25 billion sound?"

After the Farmer is revived...

"OK, I'll tell you what.  You can have some chickens, but...
1) Mo, Larry and Curly, you are fired and replaced with Tin Man because he has a brain.
2) Shemp, you and all your little starving babies are fired.  I've seen your starving little babies and they look very plump to me.   So even though they are fired they can re-apply for their jobs as non-union and at minimum chickens per hour.  You, Shemp, will be replaced by Lion, who is brave enough to not be a suck up to the other three wolves.
3) And last, you Mr. Henry Paulson, hiding in the forest.  You started this mess.  You got 700 billion chickens.  Those were my family's chickens.  You promised that those chickens would keep the wolves away from my farm.  Now all the animal creatures are looking for a handout.  So you will be replaced by Scarecrow because he has a heart.

Now all of you get out of my sight and off my farm before I get Sarah Palin in here to shoot every one of you wolves from her helicopter!!!

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