Sunday, January 18, 2009

Timmy, maybe you need TAX CUT software

Soooooo, here is the change we are getting in Washington from Mr. Obama (yes, I voted for him). Newly nominated and about to be appointed Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner not only will head the Treasury but as such will oversee the Internal Revenue Service. Ah, the IRS. Now there is one itsy bitsy problem with Mr. Geithner. He has, over about a 15 year period, neglected to pay HIS OWN self-employment taxes, as well as the taxes for an employee who was NOT LEGALLY in this country. Mr. Obama, give me a break. This is CHANGE?

I may be crazy but I'm not stupid!

We are seeing the same old Washington games. Yes, he made a mistake but he's cleared it up and no problem. So, if I "forget" to pay some of my taxes I can simply rectify it by claiming to be, in my case, bordering on senility.

Oops, I forgot my New Year's Resolution to not be cynical. But, after all, they are telling me that despite his forgetfulness he's the best man for the job. Hey Homer, if you lose your job at the plant maybe you can be Secretary of the Treasury. Paulsen, Geithner, Homer Simpson!!!