Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm Mad As Hell And I'm Screaming About It

The person in charge of the White House has stated that the economy is in serious trouble.  He says that $700 billion is needed to bail out failing companies.  Hey, my finances are in pretty shaky territory, pal, can I get some of that cash?  

Now look, there are maybe 150,000,000 US tax payers.  That's probably too high, but stick with me.  If you don't bail out those idiots that ran those companies into the ground, but instead shipped every tax payer some of that cash, every one of us would get $4,666.  If there are 100 million tax payers that goes up to $7,000 each.  Now that would stimulate the economy and create jobs. Giving that much money to the vultures who created this mess is like putting more chickens into the henhouse while the fox is still around.

And look at it this way, if you give those losers the cash, it will cost every American - young, old, black, white, hispanic, asian, healthy, sick - $2333.  Now for the McCain's this is pocket change. Probably costs more than that to fly his jet from Washington to Mississippi.  But for the average Joe $2333 buys a lot of groceries.  But the folks we elected to represent us are a joke.  

Hey Washington, remember NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION?  Who are you representing?  Not me, that's for sure.

And why does the Fed allow the crooks running those big companies (like Lehman)to keep their $38 million salaries, boats, private jets, ten houses, etc. while the stockholders get screwed.   Why?  Because they are in the same clubs as the guys running OUR government.  Hey, Washington, that's OUR money you are burning.  Why don't you ask your constituents, who you were sworn to protect, what they think you should do with the money.  I would bet that 99.9% of Americans would say, "Screw those jerks.  They ran their own companies into the ground and ran off with the cash.  Let them burn in hell!"

And the guy in the White House thinks that the way out of this is to throw more money at bad money.  What is he thinking.  Oh, sorry, he's NOT thinking.  This is the way Republicans do things.  Big business supports the neocons and they support big business.  

Who protects the little guy, the you and me, from these vultures?  Who makes sure every child in this country has health insurance, a decent education, and healthy food to eat?  Don't look to Washington for any of that, except if the Washington is named George.  No, not this new George. The one who we call the Father of Our Country.

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