Sunday, April 12, 2009

Those without a soul

At last...Navy Seals rescued the American captain, killing three Somali pirates and restoring American pride! Not. How does this happen in the first place? What I think is wrong all over the globe is lack of respect. People have lost their soul, their greed has taken over from thought and reason. If you have no hope then I suppose the consequences of your actions have no meaning. Thus killing, robbing, and who knows what else does not bother you. There are what? 6 billion people on earth? That's a lot, probably more than the earth can realistically provide for in a meaningful way. Thus a large percentage are hungry, poor, and without hope. Now that doesn't mean they have all lost their soul, but when you have so many people and so many without hope, you are talking about so many without a soul, even though that may be too strong a way to put it. So you get 9/11, you get suicide bombers, you get pirates, you get American cities where there are at least one murder every day, and on and on. Is it any wonder that Palestinians throw rocks at Israeli soldiers, that Iraqis blow themselves and American soldiers to pieces, that North Korea and Iran want nukes, that a poor inner city kid kills someone for laughing at him?

Perhaps the economic slowdown will turn our thoughts back to where they should be, family, friends, and finding meaning within ourselves as to why we are all here.