Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ode to Warren Buffett

The odds were long
The brackets were tough
But I thought I knew
A lot about the stuff

What would I do
With all that money
A billion buys
Lots of milk and honey

So I'd buy
A fancy Land Rover
And take a trip
To the cliffs of Dover

Then I'd buy a house
With lots of land
Some where on the beach
Surrounded by sand

I'd buy my girls
Lots of bling
And for my wife
A 20 carat diamond ring

Maybe buy myself
A baseball team
I'd bat lead off
Livin' the dream

Yes a billion
Goes a long way
I could spend a million
Just about every day

But here's the thing
You got to play to win
So I made my picks
And gave it a spin

Then they played
I picked Duke
When I saw the score
I wanted to puke

Good bye house
And fancy cars
And living life
Like those Hollywood stars

But I'm still happy
Cause like Ben Franklin said
I'm still here
I ain't dead

So thanks Mr. B
You can keep your cash
Keep on keepin' large
Counting your stash

Nobody won
That's no shock
You had it all along
It was a lock

The odds it seems
Were trillions to one
But what the heck
It was still lots of fun!