Thursday, November 20, 2008

Message to Mr. Hank Paulson

Hey Hank, how's it goin' old buddy old pal?  I hear that you got $700 billion from your piggy bank, aka the Treasury Department.  Sweet. Tres sweet.

Now, old chum, I see lots of folks like your old buddies at Goldman Sachs have gotten lots of cash to play with.  Good deal.  Tres tres sweet.

Now, you and I go way back (I think).  So here's the gig...

I'm not asking for like say a billion or twenty.  I'm not even asking for like a million, though that would be sweet.

No, just like a half million would be so kewel.  Tres kewel.

Just enough to clear up a couple of bills, ya dig?  And I'd even be willing to go to DC to beg my case in front of the Senator dudes and that lady with the funny accent from NYC.

So are we on the same page Hank?


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