Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Romney shames himself...AGAIN!

Shame on Romney. The families of those killed have not even had a chance to grieve and he is using it to slam Obama. This proves him unworthy to be POTUS and will make the world see him as the callous power seeker that he is. If he had taken the time to investigate he might have discovered that in 2006, following the Muslim world's outrage caused by a Danish newspaper cartoon, the US issued a very similar statement condemning those who belittle religious beliefs. This reminds me of the Chick-fil-a fiasco. I may not have agreed with the words but I agree with the right to say it. Our country was founded on two vital principles: Freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Respect for both is the American way. Without it we are lost.

Another point...notice that Romney has said nothing about what provoked Muslims in Libya and Egypt. It is not an apology but a simple recognition that Americans believe in freedom of religion and respect for all religions. He made no mention of the cause of the outrage and I find that insensitive. I wonder what his reaction would be if his polygamist grandfather was the butt of a cartoonist's pen? It would be pretty funny watching grandpappy flee to Mexico to avoid federal prosecution.

Will he say anything in order to win???

Surely the Repubs could have come up with a more respectful candidate than this guy. He will now make it as low as possible to gain anything on Obama. If he is saying that Obama should have censored the remarks from the American embassy wouldn't that be taking away the FREEDOM OF SPEECH that the POTUS is obliged to protect?

Allen West please shut up

These idiots need to listen to themselves speak. When Obama hesitates to send troops to Syria they scream he's soft. When we help support the Lybian rebels and they turn on us they blame Obama for supporting them. West needs to shut his mouth and hopefully will be long forgotten. This dude was kicked out of the military for obnoxious behavior and now he wants the stage to hurl nonsense. Funny that he supports Romney who was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War as a bishop of the Mormon Church, doing his "missionary" work in Paris and Nice. They all need to just go away.

No Respect from Romney

I find it particularly obnoxious that Romney would pick a time like this to criticize Obama. That, to me, crosses a line that should not be crossed. Would he, or did he, do the same on 9/11/2001 when GWB was in the White House. Gingrich was on CNN this morning and was every bit as obnoxious as Romney in somehow blaming Obama and stating that he, Obama, has been sensitive to the demonstrators in Benghazi. More BS. Isn't it easy to be so critical when you are NOT the POTUS.