Saturday, September 22, 2012

Oh Mitt, what will we talk about after the election

I sure would like to have an Adjusted Gross Income of $13,696,951 without working even one day in 2011.  And I would gladly pay the IRS whatever the laws demanded.  And I surely would not care one bit that I paid above or below what the average taxpayer paid.

But get this.  A close inspection of the Ann and Willard Romney tax returns reveals this:

Income $13,696,951.
Income from Capital Gains taxed at 15% $6,810,176
Charitable deductions $4,020,000 30% of AGI
Charitable deduction claimed $2.250,000

Now why oh why would they actually donate over $4,000,000 but claim only $2.250,000?  Is it from a sense of altruism?

Or am I cynical thinking that the higher figure would have lowered his tax to 10.55% rate, much lower than his claim of never having paid less than 13%.  The lower deduction amount was an obvious manipulation to raise his tax rate and cheat the voters from the reality of Mitt.

I also realize that the Romneyites would not change their minds even if they discovered that he avoided the draft by being a Bishop of the Mormon Church.  Oh wait...

Even if he disregarded those serving in the military and called them not important.  Oh wait...

Even if he would call 47% of Americans freeloaders and moochers.  Oh wait...

Even if they found out he was a bully in high school.  Oh wait...

Even if they found out he was secretly Obama's twin brother and was trying to cover it by using white makeup.  Oh, never mind.