Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big Three Bailout? Or More Mischief?

This morning the CEO of Ford Motors came on CNN to enlightne us about the need for the company to get billions of dollars cash from the Treasury (we the people).  His plea was so heart warming I wanted to hurl.  Ford is losing money because they are so committed to the consumer and the environment.  Hurl.  They are losing money because they are working to hard on electric cars.  Hurl.  Blah blah blah.  

Now since they have lost billions in the last few months, it made me wonder where all that money went from car sales.  

But one important question wasn't asked, so I'll ask it.  "Mr. _______ (fill in the name of any CEO from a Forune 500 company), can you tell us exactly what your salary was, how much money you personally made, what your 1040 income was, for 2007?  And 2008, how much? Because if your company and shareholders are sorely hurting for cash, and your company is bleeding money, I would think that your poorly run cash leaking company would be paying an executive like yourself, oh, maybe $8.  an hour."

Hey, if the Big Three are that hard up for cash, how about this...oversight!!!  Avery informative senator, Mr. Inhofe, also appeared this morning on the same program.  He stated that he, a United States Senator, had no idea where the first installment of the $700 billion bailout, $350 billion, went.  That's right, a US Senator HAD NO IDEA WHERE THE MONEY WAS GOING.  So perhaps Senator Inhofe and the one or two other honest Senators would like to oversee the remaining $350 billion, and the possible bailout of the Big Three auto makers.  I would be happy to volunteer, but I owe American Express a few dollars so this might disqualify me.

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