Tuesday, June 25, 2013

To all my Facebook friends are relatives:  Clearly Mr. Snowden has touched a nerve.  The US is hot on his trail.  Why?  Aren't we all obliged to reveal actions that may cause harm to others?  Take for instance the post WWII convictions of Nazis who claimed they were only following orders.  That was insufficient defense.  Now we learn that not only does the Fed feel it necessary to defend the citizens of our country against those who would destroy our way of life (?) but also uses outsourcing to do so.  BenjaminFranklin stated that those who would surrender their rights in order to be safe don't deserve either rights or safety (paraphrase). Remember that Snowden worked for a private company, not the Fed.  He was given top security clearance (?).  Our tax dollars paid Mr. Snowden and the company he worked for.  He didn't just sit there and blindly accept that his employers were doing harm to Americans.  He did not follow orders, instead he manned up.  Now we demand that the Chinese, who we are spying on, turn him over.  Then we demand that the Russians turn him over.  Surely there is no way he would ever gain his freedom, or possibly, his life ever again.  The NSA actions clearly violate the 4th Amendment in assuming that we are ALL guilty of something or else why are they listening?  Obama laughingly says the government is not listening.  Of course he can lie since it is the private corporations such as Booz, Google, Yahoo, Facebook (yes), et al that are doing it for the Fed.  Plus the US and Great Britain have agreements which circumvent the laws of each country and allow spying reciprocally.  
WAIT, who is that knocking on my door?  
OH, Freedom of speech?  Unless someone thinks otherwise.
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Sunday, June 16, 2013


It no longer matters whether you are Democrat or Republican.  We tend to forget that both political parties are private entities that exist to get their candidate elected.  Neither party exists for the benefit of the constituents that their candidate purports to represent.  We lost representation long ago.  Perhaps it was when the number of representatives in the House was cut off at it's present level rather than expand to fit the population.  Or maybe it was when Senators were handed over to popular vote rather than being responsible, and chosen, by state legislators to whom they would directly report.  Or maybe it was when corporations were designated as though they are individuals given equal status to an American voter.  I have said this over and over and it is more true than ever, "This is not the America I grew up in."  It has been handed over to corporate liars, cheaters, scammers, banks that are too big to fail, the NSA, and on and on.  My despair for the future I hand directly to Mr. Obama in whom I saw so much promise that I voted for him twice.  He has disappointed me to the point that for the first time in my life I am considering never voting again.  He was sworn in to uphold the Constitution.  He has supported domestic spying, claiming it has saved lives.  This is a pitiful attempt to gain support for a policy that is at the very least unconstitutional and as a Constitutional lawyer he knows this is a smoke screen that we should not fall for.  He wants to send arms to Syrian rebels while we still have Americans in need of aid after hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc.  WHY?  Keep the money you would spend on aiding people around the world who hate our guts and SPEND IT ON AMERICANS WHOSE MONEY IT IS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!  My goodness, what are they thinking????  Had Obama spoken the truth prior to the election I never would have voted for him, or probably not voted at all.  Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, well the Dems, whom I've supported since first voting for Hubert Humphrey back in the day, can kiss my, er kiss my vote goodbye.