Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Sweet Anna

Is there anything that touches a father's heart more than a great daughter? I have to brag. My daughter Anna, who is pictured to the left, will be her school's "Principal for a day." She wrote an essay explaining what she would do for her school if she were principal for a day. She won the contest! I am so proud of her. She will spend this Friday the 13th being principal, assisted by Mr. Dugan, the "other" principal. My hat is off to Treasure Coast Elementary School and to the great staff of people at the school. Special thanks to her wonderful homeroom teacher Mrs. Stull, and to Mrs. Loomis, Mrs. Staples, Mrs. Johnston, Mr. Hall, Mrs. Berg and to all those I have missed. Thanks for a wonderful school experience for Anna. As a retired educator with over 30 years of teaching, I don't think Anna could have gotten a better school experience anywhere.