Friday, October 31, 2008

Shameful approach by the McCain campaign

As the presidential election draws closer, it seems to me that the McCain campaign is getting uglier and uglier.  The truth is elusive, and at this point doesn't matter at all to the McCain people.  There only rallying point has become that Obama is inexperienced, that Obama is a Muslim, that Obama has ties to terrorists, that Obam this and Obama that.  Well, McCain, rather than dwell on Obama, how about telling us about yourself?  How about how you became involved in politics.  How about your ties to Charles Keating?  How about your lack of judgement in picking Sarah Palin as your running mate?  Just the other day I heard Rush gushing about Sarah!  That's enough to send me to the polls twice!  I've seen the TV ad where it is pointed out that the first time there is a crisis it will be the first time Obama occupies the Oval Office under heat.  May I ask, "How many times has John McCain faced a crisis in the Oval Office?"  And worse yet, what shape would our country be in if Sarah Palin sat in that chair?  The woman doesn't even know the contents of the First Amendment.  She recently used the First Amendment as an example of how the media has been critical of her.  Excuse me, Mrs. P., but the First Amendment allows the media to say exactly that.  So you obviously have it backwards. But she has shown a lack of understanding on the level of a grade school student when it comes to the Constitution, current events, foreign relations, the current financial crisis, and on and on. Now she seems to have disappeared as the last few days of the campaign wind down.  Obviously that have decided to shut her up before the other foot disappears down her throat.

While driving to work the other day I noticed a crowd on a major street corner near my work. They were McCain supporters waving their signs and having a great time.  That's fine.  But, one sign read, "Obama kills babies."  That's just obnoxious and reflects the mentality of so many McCain supporters.  Shameful stuff, indeed.