Sunday, October 19, 2008

Collin Powell endorses Barak Obama

Colin Powell has endorsed Barak Obama for president, emphasizing that it the endorsement was not based on race.

He stated that the McCain-Palin campaign was concentrating on the negative and personal attacks against Obama.  In response to the claim that Obama is a Muslim, which he is not, Powell stated...

“The really right answer is what if he is?” Powell said, praising the contributions of millions of Muslim citizens to American society. “I look at these kind of approaches to the campaign, and they trouble me,” Powell said. “Over the last seven weeks, the approach of the Republican Party has become narrower and narrower.”

“I think that [Obama] has a definite way of doing business that will serve us well,” Powell said.

“I don’t believe [Palin] is ready to be president of the United States,” Powell said flatly. By contrast, Obama’s running mate, Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, “is ready to be president on day one.”