Monday, November 17, 2008

Bogus Bigots

I was the unwilling recipient of some hate mail today, one that speaks of the "mistake" America made in electing it's new president.  The "mistake" implies that Mr. Obama, and all Muslims, seek the end of Western civilization and the destruction of our way of life.  I was thinking about putting the email directly on my blog, but that would only be giving credit to the small minded bigots who spread this trash.  

First of all, Mr. Obama is not a Muslim.  If he indeed was a Muslim I would not be bothered by that one bit.  This is America, and religion should not be considered for anyone running for office.If you don't know, it is specifically written in the Constitution that there shall be no test of religion for political office. And I do believe that if he was a Muslim he would be forbidden to attend a church of another faith.  And he is about to be sworn in as President, using a Bible.  Or so I would think.  

Second, these hate mongers need to read the Constitution.  They speak of Obama as if he were king.  Our government has three branches and we conduct our government through a system of checks and balances.  If any of these hate mongers could read, or would take the time to read, they might actually learn something about a Democracy and a Republic and how we are a country of laws.  

Third, this nonsense reminds me of the filth that Hitler and his hooligans spread about the Jews in Nazi Germany.  The Jews are trying to take over the world!!!  They aren't like us.  They live a strange and exotic way of life!!!  They kill babies for their sacrificial rituals!!!

And finally, our outgoing president made a major issue of his being a born again Christian.  I don't know much about his faith, but I do know that Jesus preached "turn the other cheek." I don't think Jesus ever said, "You're either with us or against us."  He probably just left that to the Romans.  

I also wonder how much of this hatred is directed at Mr. Obama because he is half black?  Hey, people, remember that he is also half white.  So when you burn a cross on the White House lawn, only let it burn half way.

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