Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thinking about the internet

My ISP was down for more than a day. It's interesting how the internet and email have become so much a part of our daily routine. I usually sit and eat my breakfast at my desk while I read the news and check my email. But this morning I couldn't do anything. It was disconcerting because I also couldn't write my usual blog.

I had to resort to TV!

The best part of the internet for me is the many friends I have made from all over the world. It truly has added to my life to get to chat with so many wonderful folks. Perhaps this spirit of communication and free speech will some day bring about a world of peace and harmony through the recognition of our common goals in life. We all want to live in a peaceful world where we can bring up our children in safety and guide them to a future world that will be far more harmonious than it is today.

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