Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Confused in Sebastian

Interesting that during the last couple of days, while Wall Street took a major hit, Lehman Brothers crashed and burned, Merrill Lynch, and Fannie and Freddie gave us all headaches, the best the two presidential candidates could come up with was:

McCain criticized Obama for going to a $2,500 a plate Hollywood fundraiser given by Barbara Streisand. The night before McCain attended a Miami fundraiser which netted $5.1 million.

Obama blamed the crisis on the Republicans. No plan other than to be watchful of greedy Wall Street.

McCain's plan is to keep a watchful eye on greedy Wall Street.

Obama says McCain opposes government regulation.

Nice plan guys. Guys...

BTW, Al Gore invented the internet (2000 election) and John McCain is responsible for the Blackberry (2008 election). Vote for the one who lies less than the other one.

Phone calls to voters by Bush pollsters in South Carolina during the 2000 primaries asked if they would vote for John McCain if he had fathered a black child.
Phone calls to Jewish voters by McCain pollsters during the 2008 presidential asked if they would vote for Obama if he was a Muslim.

Michelle Obama's first cousin is a rabbi in Chicago. The congregation has 350 members.

Barak Obama has been criticized for his willingness to negotiate with Iran and Syria.


mitchelln said...

You think we are looking at some kind of Sarbane Oxley 2 legislation coming along?

When will these guys learn that crude legislation is so easily bypassed by creative capitalism?

I thought the Internet was invented by a guy called Charbax?

aekayser said...

It's really too bad that someone like Trump or Bloomberg aren't predisposed to politics. They would certainly have a better feel for getting the economy straight than Obama or McCain. We'll probably be at Sarbane Oxley 10 before Washington realizes a free floating system is superior to where we are now. Propping up these huge losses only mortgages the future.

Charbax invented brain freeze.