Friday, September 19, 2008

Hockey moms unite!

A couple of photos sent to me from the largest political rally in Anchorage history. Not one moose, but several hockey moms showed up. Maybe these folks know something about Mrs. Palin that John McCain doesn't.

John McCain seems to forget quite easily, maybe it's his age...

Just yesterday in Iowa he claimed that Barak Obama was, "Part of the problem in Washington."

Excuse me, John, but haven't you been in Washington for about the last hundred years?

He also stated he would fire Chris Cox, chairman of the SEC. His reasoning was that Cox created open season for short sellers. Now anyone with half a brain knows that it is just as legitimate a strategy to gamble that stocks will decrease in value as it is that stocks will increase. Cox has aimed to bring stocks to a more reasonable value level, and has even recently tried to curb short selling. McCain has ignored this, and the fact that Cox is a federal employee trying to do what he is paid to do. Pressure from McCain is pretty outrageous conduct.

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