Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mitt has foot in mouth disease

Way to go Mitt!  His latest ad attacking BHO states that the president had 7 chances to stop "The Cheaters."  Who are "The Cheaters?" CHINA!  That's right, CHINA!!!  So, the man who would be president has once again shown that he is unworthy of the job by again insulting a foreign government.  So we can now add China to the growing list he has antagonized.  Is this his version of diplomacy by insult, or is it just plain stupidity.  He obviously has no knowledge of the Asian policy of saving face.  They must be furious in Beijing, as they were in England and the insult hurled at the Palestinians.  Keep going Mitt.

This opens Mitt up to charges of Bain shipping jobs to China, does it not?

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