Friday, November 7, 2008

One state Two states

One state 
Two states
Red states
Blue states

Barack Obama
Road a llama
To the White House door
He heard a loud snore

Then he knocked twice
And heard some mice
Then he heard someone say
Go away! Go away!

Obama thought 
"How will I get in?"
"Hey Bushie it's me!
Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin Sarah Palin
Did we win?  Did we win?
Can I stay Can I stay
Laura and I can we play?

Bushie please open
Cause McCain and I were hopin
To breakfast on green eggs
and ham

But I hate green eggs and 
ham-uh almost
As much as I hate
Barack Obam-uh

But Bushie Bushie
We did win win win
Just by the hair
On Sarah's chin chin chin

But I watched the TV
And what did I see
Lots too much blue
Nobody voted for you!

No Bushie I think
You had too much to drink
You had a bad dream
So that's what it seems

OK come on in
I'm so happy we did win
The TV was wrong 
The neo-cons are strong!!!

Come in come in
McCain and Palin
Here's ham and a green egg
But one question I beg

Sarah what did you do
To your hair
A second look at you
And I would swear

Oh no!  It's Obama
And his llama
Laura put down that cup
Go pack up

So Bush rode that llama
Right through Alabama
All the way home
To Texas he did roam

And here comes Michelle
She sure looks swell
Oh what happened to Palin
I'm not sure but I'll-aska

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