Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Big Lies

The Big Lies will not go away.  I have heard from friends and neighbors whoi belive the election of Barack Obama spells doom for America.  I still hear that he is a terrorist in disguise.  I hear that he is part of a scheme to take over the world.  I hear that his friends blew up the Pentagon. I read signs that say he kills babies.  If you tell a big enough lie there are many people who will not only believe it, but stick with the lie even when it is proven to be a lie.

I am reminded of Donald Rumsfeld saying, "The lack of evidence does not prove the absence of evidence, it only proves that evidence is not evident."  Back when the powers that be decided to go after Al Quida, Powell and the rest of the insiders planned to bomb Afghanistan by air. Rumsfeld stated that Iraq should be the target.  He was asked why we should bomb Iraq.  His answer was that Iraq had better targets.  Huh?  A friend of mine dropped his car keys.  I asked if I could help him find the keys near where he was looking.  He said, "Oh, I dropped them in the bushes over there but I'm looking here because the light is better."  

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