Monday, September 8, 2008

Apologies Mrs Palin

Seems as though the blog I wrote below may not be accurate. The books listed have not been verified as those Mrs. Palin wanted banned, nor is there any proof that she had a list at all. The list is one that has circulated on the internet, but in fact contains books (Harry Potter) printed after the alleged book banning proposal. So until there is some solid proof, other than the word of the librarian she allegedly asked about book banning, then I must recant.

So, Mrs Palin, I do apologize and if you are ever in Sebastian be sure to stop by and have some delicious Chinese food!

Oh, and I have some books on Thomas Jefferson and John Adams and a couple by Al Gore that you might like to read, since they were all VPs.

BTW, I could easily have deleted the blog, but hey, when you are wrong it's healthy and liberating to admit it. I feel much better now!

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