Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mitt and Newt...a laugh riot...

Listen Mitt, about the debate with the POTUS, be sure to use more of that tanning lotion and be sure to crack a couple of jokes.  Maybe a few about not overpaying your taxes...oops not that one.  Or maybe something about 47% of Americans are moochers...maybe not that one either.  Hey, how about a knee slapper about how the Palestinians can't maybe not so funny.  I've got it, tell one about Michelle making pancakes with her pearls on...oh, that was Ann?  This is getting tough.  I heard one the other day about how many Iranians does it take to develop nuclear rods...can't remember the punch line.  Maybe you can tell one about drinking cool-aid with the Tea Party fruitcakes.  That would be funny...get Tea Party.  Yuk.  Got it!  Tell one about how the uninsured won't die at home because they can use the emergency room at their local hospital.  That was pretty funny.  Oh, you weren't joking?  Maybe those funny guys over at FoxGOPNews can give you some ideas 'cause I gotta go pee.

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