Monday, September 24, 2012

A new Grimm's Fairy Tale entitled "Cinderblock Gate." In this one, someone breaks into Lttle Red Lying Hood's office, mysteriously wipes out the hard drives, steals Grandma's cookies, and leaves. Little Red Lying Hood's staff doesn't password their hard drives? "Oh my," they cry. Little Red Lying Hood cries "foul" and runs all the way home. But the Big Bad BS Squad that actually has a brain figures out the crime in .47 seconds and solves the case. And everyone lives happily ever after except the Mad Hatter who serves coffee at the Tea Party brunch since this is National Coffee Week.

The first-term congressman was informed of the damage Sunday and quickly decried it as a "politically motivated crime" and "an assault on democracy and the political process."

Continuing, Grimm declared the episode indicative of something that he thought would take place elsewhere in the world.
"This ignorance, of violence, I would expect in the Middle East. You know, that wouldn't shock me at all," Grimm said. "But here on Staten Island, a family-based community, we're better than that."
The New York Daily News reported that police have found no evidence of forced entry at the building and are investigating the incident as an act criminal mischief, not burglary.
Grimm is currently under federal investigation over allegations that he took illegal donations during his 2010 campaign. The Tea Party favorite has denied any wrongdoing amid an ongoing probe that has focused on his connection to a wealthy Israeli rabbi.
Intruders were able to clear data from the hard drives by installing Linux on office computers. Grimm told authorities that the sensitive polling data, voter information, and other campaign material contained in the hard drives had all been backed up "literally hours before." He suggested that a suspect could have gained access to the building because his campaign hadn't changed the locks since it changed hands from the car dealership that had previously occupied the building.
Nathan Smith, a spokesman for the Grimm's Democratic challenger, Mark Murphy, also denounced the attack in a statement from the campaign.

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