Saturday, July 14, 2012

Paterno NO

Below are a few of my thoughts concerning the Joe Paterno statue at Penn State:

It's not my decision, of course, but in the name of decency and compassion for the victims Penn State needs to take it down.

Another thought. Imagine the kids that will now be wearing the PSU uniform this football season. Remember that these are young people and attending football games at other schools will be for them like, pardon, feeding the Christians to the lions. If PSU has any heart at all, it will suspend the football program, request of the NCAA that all players on scholarship be allowed to transfer to other schools without being penalized, and accept full responsibility for their actions, or lack of action. I realize this may be a bit much, but I pity the kids when they go to play at Ohio State, etc. They may get cheered at Not-So-Happy Valley, but terror awaits them on the road. What is the point? Suspend the program now, but don't punish the innocent players who will be ashamed to put on the uniform of a disgraced university.

In response to another post by someone defending Paterno:

Ken: You must remember that it was Paterno's responsibility to not just look the other way. I was an educator for 32 years, 30 of them in Philadelphia. I cannot tell you how many times we were instructed to report any suspected abuse. It was always to protect children, and if we erred on the side of an adult being innocent rather that than what happened at PSU. You are being a bit naive to think that it is acceptable to go to someone and take their word for it that it was innocent. Innocent or not, you have to live with yourself and the knowledge that it might not be so innocent. All the positive things he may have done no longer matter. This is enough to negate all of it. I also respect what you are saying but we will have to agree to disagree. A hideous error cost many children their normal lives. Please don't forget that and place yourself in that situation. I don't think you would be so forgiving.

I ask:  Is Pennsylvania State University a school or a feeder program for the National Football League?  Do the 80 or so players on football scholarships count more than those attending for an education rather than a place on the team?  The bottom line here is the bottom line.  Without the football program PSU would not be in the Big Ten.  Without the football program PSU would lose millions of dollars.  Without the football program alumni would not build buildings.  Without the football program the other sports would not be funded.  What would be left?  A place of higher education, that's what!  Paterno looked the other way for one reason and one reason only.  If he shouted from the rooftop the school would be embarrassed and the program would crumble and with it his reputation of being a football god.  But guess what, by not saying anything he comes out far worse than he ever could have imagined.  By shouting we would all be praising his courage rather than damning him.  He and the others not only looked the other way, they ruined it for the kids attending the university, the future of the university, and caused so much harm to those victims of evilness.

Take it down!!!

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