Friday, February 27, 2009

Just the Facts

Fact: Your eye color is mainly dictated by where your ancestors lived. People from sunny environments had dark eyes which helped block out the sun. People with blue or light eyes lived in darker environments with less light.

Popeye has better eyes than Bugs Bunny because the lutein in spinach is better for yor eyes than beta-carotene in carrots.

Setting your computer monitor lower on the desk will reduce eye strain because the opening between the lids will be reduced, which prevents dry eyes.

To save money, instead of buying bottled water just drop a piece of cut fruit into a glass of filtered water.

We all produce one to three pints of gas daily. Less than 1% of it smells.

Why do we yawn? The body senses a dip in the oxygen level in the blood, so you yawn to take in more oxygen.

It is a myth that we use only a portion of our brain. In fact, the entire brain is used, thoug not all at the same time.

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