Sunday, February 15, 2009

The DC Virus

So, if you are keeping score:
Senator Roland Burris of Illinois, the one appointed to the seat vacated by the election of Barak Obama, has now"recalled" that he did indeed have more contact with people from ex-Governor Rod Blagojevich's office. Remember that Rod B was removed from office for soliciting bribes for appointing someone to fill that chair. Burris seemed to have a lapse of memory, a malady that seems to spread like a virus through Washington.

If you are keeping score, that virus has infected Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner who forgot to pay his taxes, Tom Daschel who forgot to pay his taxes, Hilda Solis's husband caught the virus as he also forgot to pay his taxes...

So, be warned...stay out of DC or the virus will get you, too. You'll forget to uh...what was I saying?

Oh, and let's not forget A-Rod. What does he have to do with this. He's got the virus and I can prove it. Last year the Yankees brought in a pitcher named Jonathan Albaladejo. They picked him up from the WASHINGTON NATIONALS. Ta da!!! A-Rod completely forgot about those Texas Ranger years when he was young and foolish and under so much pressure. Sure, $275 million isn't quite enough to pay all those bills, Alex. You want pressure, how about the guy who lost his job at Piper Aircraft in Vero Beach, Florida on Tuesday and can't pay his mortgage? That's pressure. I hear some people say that at least A-Rod admitted his illegal activity. Uh, not until he was caught.

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