Saturday, January 31, 2009


What? This is from The New York Daily News, January 31, 2009:

A Georgia drowning in medical bills for their two disabled kids put everything they own - except for their house - up for auction on ebay. Last week, Gregg and Brittiny Peters accepted a bid of $20,000 for all worldly possessions - but it came with a catch. The winners, a Texas couple, want the family to keep the money and their stuff. "They've worked really hard to get those things and we're in a position to help them," Donnia Blair told The Associated Press. In a strange twist, though, the Peters clan isn't happy about the bid. They said they were looking for a fresh start - not charity. "They are apparently not willing to take our stuff," Brittiny Peters said. "They're purchasing them to give them back to us."

The mom of three - who has one child with autism and another with arthritis - said she may accept the cash but donate the auction items to others.

Now maybe I'm being a bit cynical, but WHAT the heck are these people thinking? They put their crap on ebay, somebody bids on their junk, GIVES them $20,000 and they are not the least bit grateful??? If that's me, I'm taking the money back and finding someone else who might at least say, "Thanks." But that's just me.

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