Saturday, November 1, 2008

I am so lucky!

I wonder how many of you have been as lucky as I am.  Just read this list and you'll be astounded at my luck...

1) I have won the British lottery at least ten times
2) My name has been drawn from millions of emails sent and I've won!
3) My long lost Nigerian uncle has left me millions of dollars
4) I have been selected to receive millions from a Hong Kong account in my name
5) The Liberian government had awarded me ten million dollars
6) A CEO job is just waiting for me, and it pays millions
7) Wal-Mart wants to give me thousands of dollars
8) I get to keep a lap top for free
9) Eat this, not that
10) Vote for Obama

But, on the other hand...
1) I need male enlargement
2) But my breasts are too small
3) My wrinkles are too big
4) But my IQ is too small
5) My bank account has to be updated
6) But my bank account has been suspended
7) My bank account has been closed
8) But someone wants to meet me
9) My ebay auction winner wants their money back
10) But I should vote for McCain

I wonder what all of these people did before there was an Internet?

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