Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Reverse

I am curious:  What was in the new version of the "bailout" that caused members of the House of Representatives to change their vote practically overnight?  I think American taxpayers are owed an explanation by their representatives, especially those who voted NO then retreated and voted YES.  I am sure they will claim that they did not understand the implication of voting NO.  That's not good enough.  And when the next bailout rolls around they will claim they voted NO, leaving out the fact that they reversed their position and later voted YES.  That's not good enough.  I would also very much like to know what the limitation is on the salary of any CEO of any company seeking funds from the Treasury bailout.  I have yet to see this information.  Anyone?


Xin Xin said...

We were having a discussion in class on the $700 bailout. I thought the House Rep were unwilling to pass the Bill because many Americans are against it and the fact that they are up for re-election in Nov. shouldnt they worry that the choice they made on the Bill may have an effect on thier re-election votes? But it looks like more taxes will be taken out of my pay check. *tears*

aekayser said...

Yes, the first vote was a NO! However, many reps admitted that had they known it would not pass they would have voted YES. In other words, they wnated to say they voted against it when really they were for it. This is pathetic. Knowing it's an election year they want everyone else to take responsibility but themselves.