Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Bit of Presidential Advice

John Quincy Adams wrote this list and sent it to his father, John Adams:

March 16, 1780 My Work for a Day,
Explain Cicero, Erasmus, Appendix
Learn greek Racines
Learn Greek Grammar

His father, the future president, criticized the youngster for his poor penmanship!  John Quincy was 12 at the time he wrote this list!!!  I guess it paid off because John Quincy was our 6th president.

Thomas Jefferson wrote this to his daughter Patsyon November 28, 1783.  
"With respect to the distribution of your time, the following is what I shall approve:
8 to 10, practice music
10 to 1. dance one day and draw another
1 to 2, draw on the day you dance, and write a letter next day
3 to 4, raed French
4 to 5, exercise yourself in music
5 till bed-time, read English, write, etc.

Her father, the future president, wrote this to Patsy when she was 10.

Don't think you are being hard on your kids if you shut the TV off and have them study.  It's good for them and good for your country.

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