Monday, October 20, 2008

America needs a leader

"The American people aren't looking for somebody to divide this country; the American people are looking for someone to lead this country."

Take a look at the ads on TV and the words coming from the candidates and it is not difficult to tell which one I have quoted.  The Republican candidate for president and his running mate have run a shameful campaign of lies and distortions.  Characterizing Obama as a friend of terrorists is shameful. Emphasizing his middle name as though it labels him somehow different is shameful.  Calling him dangerous and risky is shameful. In fact, many of the people I talk to about the upcoming election are voting for Obama not so much because they feel he is the stronger candidate, but because they feel McCain and Palin have been so negative.  And that this negativity would carry over to a McCain presidency.  The Republican candidate has carried on with the Bush tactic of scaring the populace.  Bush was wrong about Iraq and that has cost us dearly.  McCain asserted quite recently that the fundamentals of the economy were strong.  Excuse me?  And perhaps worst of all his choice for VP shows a lack of good judgement on his part.  He and his staff should have thought long and hard about his choice.  The man is 72 years old and in not particularly good health.  He has battled cancer among other ailments.  Does anyone in this country believe that Sarah Palin would be capable of being president?  She seems to be unable to think outside the box that the Republican neo-cons like Karl Rove have built for her. She is unable to make any intelligent remarks and her speeches are nothing more that attacks on Obama.  This does not a VP or president make. The Republican candidates claim that Obama's economic plan would be a disaster for middle class Americans.  Well, McCain, have you noticed who has been in charge for the last eight years? It's been a disaster that you have backed. Obama is calling for higher taxes on only the highest two income brackets, the second being $182,000.  That's hardly middle class.  For that alone the American people should be very careful on election day.

But more than anything else, we need a president to rally around.  I see Obama as a positive role model for the youth of America, much more so than McCain.  And if something terrible should take place, I would much rather hand over the White House keys to Joe Biden than to Sarah Palin.

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