Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oppose the bailout NOW!!!

In case you missed it, here is the transcript of Bush convincing Americans that there are WMDs in Iraq...oh, sorry, that we need a Wall Street bailout.  I just wonder why Americans aren't screaming and yelling at this plan.  Many Americans don't have health insurance.  Mom and Pop businesses fail every day.  Folks from the aftermath of New Orleans still are waiting for the new and improved city that Bush promised.  And on and on.  Yet taxpayers are expected to bail out the theives on Wall Street that ran their companies into the ground. So they made bad investments.  If Mr. and Mrs. Average American invest poorly does the Fed come along and bail them out?  If Mr. and Mrs. Average American can't pay their credit car bills or car payments does the Fed bail them out?  


The answer is simple.  They are thinking about their buddies on Wall Street. They are thinking about the lobbyists who control them.  Or they are just plain not thinking at all.

Why does Dennis Kucinich ask for 5 minutes on the floor of Congress, speak for 1 minute and thirty seconds against the bailout, then get gaveled off the floor? And where are all the senators and congressmen that should be working? Kucinich was speaking to an empty chamber.  Can you not show up to work any time you please?

Why are Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich NOT the presidential nominees? Clearly they think outside the Washington box. They make too much sense. They are interested in protecting our rights. They see the mistaken thinking of the present administration.  

Write to your Senator and oppose the bailout.  Write to your Congressperson and oppose the bailout.


Anonymous said...

Congressman Kucinich is telling it like it is. They said we were in immediate danger and had to attack Iraq. Now we are in immediate danger and need to buy of the fat cats. Why doesn't Congress slow things down and figure out what would really happen if they didn't give Goldman Sachs CEO $700B?? Nancy Pelosi networth: 500 million dollars!

Anonymous said...

They had made a wrong decision! The country is in an economic danger and it needs to be saved! The $700B are worth it for our country's future! Please wake up and smell the reality...