Tuesday, September 23, 2008


John McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said this  about the increased media scrutiny of the campaign’s factual claims:

“We’re running a campaign to win. And we’re not too concerned about what the media filter tries to say about it.”

So, the litany of "falsatoods" coming from McCain/Palin are intentional.  It is clear that all that counts to them is winning.  As Leo Durocer once said, "Nice guys finish last."  

But if lies are what gets you to the White House, excatly when do you begin to tell the truth?  Never? 

Personally I do care that John McCain thinks you are rich if you have OVER $5,000,000.  So if you have a paltry million you aren't rich.  If you have 13 cars are you rich?  McCain has 13 cars.  If you have 8 houses that you can't even keep track of, are you rich?  McCain has 8 houses.

Can an elitist like McCain have any idea what it takes to run a country where the average person won't make in their entire lifetime anything even close to $5,000,000?

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