Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pigs were Murderers!

Did you know that pigs were responsible for killing many Native Americans during the early years of our nation?

Queen Isabella, the one who sent Columbus to the New World, thought it would be a good idea for him to take lots of pigs on the journey. It made sense because: 1) pigs reproduce quickly and from an early age 2) pork is high in calories and protein 3) Jews don't eat pork (this was the way they'd know if any Jews had sneaked aboard without converting beforehand - this was back in the Inquisition days).

What she didn't know was that pigs, or at least the piggies from Spain, carried lots and lots of nasty diseases. So, if the Spanish had been able to keep all the little piggies in a pen, it would have been okay. But pigs are smart and they learned how to escape and ran off into the woods to do their piggy thing. And of course that included poop. Other animals living in the forest and doing their thing just like the piggies, like deer, rabbits, etc. were on the menu at the local Native American McDonald's. Next thing you know the NA's were eating deer and rabbits loaded with nasty piggy diseases. They got very sick very quickly and died.

So the moral of the story is EAT KOSHER!

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