Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Change to WHAT?

So we are currently swamped with the latest rhetoric, "Time for change!" Change to WHAT? Real change can only come when a real honest to goodness Washington outsider becomes president. Why? The very fact that McCain and Obama are the choices solidifies the Washington insider mentality of both parties. Both candidates are dependent on other Washington insiders to get to the point that they are now. Both need the support of Big Business. Both need the support of Big Money. Without that they cannot possibly win. Neither candidate has enough fortitude to stand up and fight for his platform of ideas. Real change will not get their face on TV. Presidential elections are not really about changing anything but the face that occupies the Oval Office. Since the Kennedy-Nixon debates our presidents have been elected as much on the basis of how they look as what they talk about. Obama is a perfect example of this. His speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention catapulted him into the national spotlight. But his popularity has nothing to do with his politics. What are his politics? Change? But, the fact that he speaks intelligently and makes a good appearance is enough for many people, especially those who are sick to death of the neo-cons now in command. But the reality is that he offers little that is directly opposed to McCain. McCain's campaign is based on one point and one point only: He is not Obama.

That leads to my next point. Why is it that politicians seem to have only one approach, i.e. my opponent is a crook, a liar, and worse. Why aren't these guys ashamed of their own record which is probably just as unseemly as their opponent. And why not tell us what you would do if elected, rather than what your opponent has so dastardly done in the past and would do if elected. That's the politics of negativity. And it's used ad nauseum.

Soon we will be inundated with Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton bad mouthing Obama courtesy of the McCain clan. They will throw every negative comment used by the Democrat side at Obama. In the meantime they will adroitly sidestep any direct answers as to what McCain is all about.

Soon we will be inundated with remarks about McCain being more of the Bush years. They will throw every weapon they have at McCain. In the meantime they will adroitly sidestep and direct answers as to what Obama is all about.

Is this the best America can do?

You want real CHANGE? Write in Ron Paul.

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